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What are you looking for in a gun safe?

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  • Premium Quality?
  • Spacious and Convenient?
  • High Level Security?**
  • Affordable?
  • IRON MAN gun safes offer all the above-plus more!

  • Superior protection against burglary for your guns and other valuables.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Your personal fight against crime.
  • The polished brass plated dial, dial ring and door handle add a rich look to what will become a showpiece in your home.

    Treasure Chest Model

    The treasure chest model comes with a seat cushion covered in black naugahyde to disguise it as a bench seat. A single layer of fire lining is furnished with this model.

    Our Unique Corner Models (pictured top right) give you the flexibility to place the safe so the door is at a forty-five degree angle to the walls, while maximizing the use of an awkward corner space in your room.

  • So, what are you looking for in a gun safe?
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